06 September 2005

gowanus strikes again

one of my roommates is a teacher, and her summer vaca (yes, i did) came to an end today. it was for this reason, despite all nursing what seemed to be enless hangovers, we went back to do it all over, one last time.

jeff, the waiter, looked slightly scared when we walked in and asked if we were back for another marathon. he then informed my roommate that he'd never seen anyone spend that much time there. she was visibly embarassed, we wanted to give her a medal. we did finally find out that, sadly, gowanus is not a non-profit that donates all its money to charity. it is merely a great place to get wasted on a sunday (or any) afternoon.

the chef's grandmother had died, so there was no food. but there was beer, so everything was gonna be alright. by the end of the night, we'd made friends with the people on either side of us, and made them make friends with each other. i'm pretty sure we divulged some fairly bizarre and intimate secrets to total strangers, but it all seemed to work out ok in the end.

thus ended my end-of-summer bender, probably to make way for my beginning-of-fall bender.

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