01 November 2012

It took me a long time to get back on the train

moon over manchester
So here I am, overlooking Manchester, yes, slightly drunk, and wondering after noticing the cctv in th the lift whether the very nice lady in reception just watched me not be able to figure out how to exit a lift on the right floor, recapping the show. (it’s highly likely that semicolons should have been involved there, but you’re lucky to get anything right now.)

In a word, beach house was (ok there are several) the only thing that could have lifted me from the state of anger and pain with which I arrived in Manchester. Not to be discounted, though, is how nice, like, everyone is in this town. It borders on creepy. Speaking of which, I am on the 13th floor.
the beach house at the ritz

I did at one point actually text damson jam and suggest that we come back up to manchester to see calexico at the ritz. if the ritz were in london, i'd never leave it. it's made me seriously consider moving up here.

Anyway, long story not that much shorter, I did not have a direct train up here. And the first leg was late, forcing me to miss the second leg. I had to wait about an hour for the next train to piccadillly and missed the first half of the show after running in to the hotel, dumping my stuff, and running out again. The staff were more than congenial about it and I even got a ‘have a great time, love’, from reception.

The main point here is that they played Irene and I am currently in possession of a borrowed lighter from the take away guy who frequently delivers food to this hotel. We also visited the venerable thirsty scholar, which is highly commended  by me as a place to visit should you ever find yourself in this part of the world.

I also spent  time speaking outside warrington station to a woman formerly of ‘several airlines’ and currently with the London underground who told me I could claim against virgin for making me miss my train and that I could borrow her lighter. She is the reason I spent too long chain smoking outside the station.

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