30 October 2012

i am, it would appear (for now), back

yes, after a hiatus so long the cast now comes on screen and you think 'wow, he/she/it looks OLD', we've got the old blogging bug again. like that wretch-inducing three-feet-long mess of hair that you have to pull out from the shower every now and again, bag of rocks arrives, kinda gross, covered in a thin film of grime, lacklustre and a bit smelly. it's almost entirely useless, but it's unavoidable. for those of you who ever read this blog, ever had an RSS feed for it or at all still read any blogs or use an antiquated RSS feed, a few things have changed.

we are not drunk so much. it still happens but after reading some of these old posts, jesus, what a disaster. we have a teeny tiny british accent sometimes when we say certain words. we try to avoid it. we refer to ourselves in the third person plural more often than we, or anyone who doesn't actually own a crown & sceptre, should. we spell things -re and -our most of the time and it's not just cause we're pretentious.

we also totally let our wordpress account lapse, as well as giving up our url, which is now worth almost $3000 (bugger!) so a few posts from the early days of pond-hopping are gone forever in the black hole of 404 redirects and whatnot. for those of you who stuck with me through those lean years (and are unlikely to be reading this now anyway), i do thank you for your support and hope someday you and google find your way back here so i can continue to be self-aggrandising.

sometimes when we do get drunk, we sing a very happy little ditty about the owlde kente roaawd. we have a very good english accent when this happens. and sometimes do a bit of a little dance.

i just actually said, with no sense of irony (of which there are several active strands in this) 'ugh! blasted sunshine'.

it seems that rather than do a book report of what i did over the last four or so years we'll start with the now and maybe some of the better stories will come out in the wash anyway. so let's jump right in, shall we?

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