03 November 2012

I'll be thinking about them as I'm lying in bed

if it's such a dazzling display of common sense, why did it take you guys five years to measure a thumb? i can't say i'm that impressed.

while we're on adverts, this one is just killing me (i see it all the time when i go to my lunchtime gym -- and yes, i am a special kind of lame and have two gym memberships, dont bother hiding your envy). i need not even mention how annoying these two protagonists are (oops! looks like i just did), but look at them. they are skeletons with wigs and rouge. i'd bet my bottom dollar they were both spitting out every minstrel they gigglingly popped into their mouths throughout this pile of minstrel vom.

look at their cheekbones: hollow as a junky, and when you see their hands, it's all bone. the piece de resistance has to be the lady in navy's arms. they are like three inches in diameter. it's totes fine if you want to be thin and all, but it's more than a little irresponsible for a chocolate company to have two skinny minnies touting wolfing down sweets. i mean there's no way these to girls eat more that three minstrels' worth of calories a day...

focus on the mozzarella
speaking of calories, manchester did not offer a health retreat-style diet. we had a four-course meal consisting of antipasti, bruschetta of three kinds, pasta also of three kinds and a trio of desserts at stock.

that night i found myself returning to simple. this place sends me into a tailspin every time. the whole menu is ribs, mac 'n' cheese, meatloaf, burgers, etc, and so on. i can now confirm the mac 'n' cheese is ace.

and while we're talking mac 'n' cheese, it looks like i'll get to revisit my favourite ever m'n'c at kingston mines in chicago, as i'll be going for work in december. balmy.

final food-related thoughts of today: rules made it on to downton abbey. need to return there post haste. why does cutting toast into squares make it so much more fun to eat?

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