30 November 2012

Greece is the word

This is all very outdated, like when you watch an episode of 'friends' and think, 'wow, those jeans look horrible, how did we not see that at the time?', but it's still funny, so here it is.

razberet and i have booked a trip to crete. whilst in the decision-making process, i consulted a colleague. the rest, as they say, is little-known history.
colleague 10:22
You can upgrade to all inc and get it for £399
wildcherrysaral 10:25
i like HB
cause then you still get out and eat locally 
and keep greece alive for one more hour
colleague 10:27
True. True. I like the unlimited drink element of AI
wildcherrysaral 10:27
fair point
colleague 10:27
If you're confident you can drink £99+, then you can still go out for lunch

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