19 November 2012

your sky all hung with jewels

the first noteworthy thing that happened saturday was, when i was on my way to the gym, i passed razberet on her way back from the gym. we high-fived. we are a special kind of cool.

later that day, we met one of razberet's friends at joes. the poached eggs with bubble and squeak, roast veg and hollindaise  sauce is one of my all-time favourite breakfasts. here is a picture of it. 

nextly, we walked over to maltby street. this place is like the darling of the market scene. short version, some traders got sick of the rules of borough market so set up shop in some railway arches vaguely near tower bridge. then time out went there and now it's a hipster haven of overpriced (and i mean terrifically overpriced) bread, london-distilled gin, pastrami sandwiches, german cheese dumplings, pulled pork sandwiches, people in flatcaps and trilbies and, of course, radiators.

the shard through bunting
we'd obviously just eaten so we did not have any snacks. but we very much were tempted. it's a delightful place to go on a saturday before 2pm (when it shuts), but considering how crowded it was on a very overcast and chilly day, i'd steer well clear if it's sunny and warm (ha, joke's on you, it's never sunny here).
hipsters in their natural habitat
cause we are equal-opportunity market visitors, we followed up maltby street with good old borough market. i do love this place but it's everyone's 'secret london place' to take their out-of-town friends so i tend not to go very much despite it being essentially just up the street. it was packed. but they had little balls of mozarella on cones with a dollop of some mega-garlicky pesto on top. we partook:
mozarella in a cone, bitches

then i went looking for pumpkin ale cause this is the only place i know of to buy it. now that i think of it, whole foods would probably be a good shout. might try the one in clapham this arvo.

digression aside, we wandered around the market and i spent about £3 on mushrooms. my normal spend on one of those plastic punnets of mushrooms is £1, so £3 for like, i dunno, 10 shitake mushrooms and some other ones i dont know the name of is maybe a little on the high-falutin' side. but then we got like 6 avocados for a quid, so you see it all evens out in the end.
generic borough market picture

continuing on our 'all markets are created equal' rampage, we hit Elephant & Castle, a place i love so much, i capitalise it. i sincerely doubt there is anything in the world you can not get in this roundabout. there is a bowling alley, a 99p store, an iceland, a gregg's, a tesco, the grimeyest greasy spoon in south london, a wh smith that always looks like it's just been ransacked, a polish restaurant, an indian restaurant, a south american restaurant, a generic asian restaurant, a bingo parlour and a market that sells like all the tat you could ever want. i dont remember buying anything there.

we mainly went to see this house that had been on grand designs.  it looks totally cool, you should go see it.

after we got home, exhausted, we had to deal with the fact that the sky is out, so we started watching the killing. seven hours later, we figured if we didn't cut ourselves off for the night, we'd be like crack-addled wastes of life with dried-out eyes by morning.

we also made pho with all those expensive mushrooms. here are some umbrellas:

no, i have not missed the hypocrisy of posting pics of 'hipster locales' using instagrammed shots. suck it.

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