12 November 2012

there'll even be a band

andrew bird had a lot to live up to, obvs. and since razberet was busy carrying, not drinking (see text below and tell me it does not sound like she had one helluva time on the eurostar) five bottles of wine, it was simply your favourite soft-drink-titled blogger and obi-wan.

we met up at the french house for a couple halves (they don't serve full pints; god only knows why). dont get the wrong idea here -- it's not like i go to french places once a week on purpose. it's just happening more lately. it was also not because i felt bereft without my wino flatmate (pictured, right).

it shouldn't be overlooked that i did manage to get to the gym quickly before this, however the shitty machine at my shitty gym was all sorts of facacta and never went down from level 25 even though i had theoretically reached the top of the mountain and should have been around level 3. i just gave up after like 25 minutes.

regardless, we hopped up to the roundhouse where we missed all of micah p. hinson. andrew bird came out, and he still had his double barreled phonograph thingy, which was surprisingly effective in such a large space.  it's not really a complaint, but i am generally not an appreciator of the 'im gonna play a totally different version of this song than the one that's on the album' theory of gigging. i like, essentially, a louder, louder, louder version of albums, in a different order.

Blurry bird, credit: WCS
Blurry bird (2), credit: obi-wan
as good as bird is, and he is -- i mean he whistles and it sounds like a theramin -- even the songs i loved weren't that fun; they sounded so different i didnt quite get to boogie down the way i'd planned. however. howEVER. it was still pretty spectacular, and obi-wan seemed duly impressed and we took these blurry pictures.

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