12 November 2012

just a boss thing that is pure

ok, this is gonna be annoying and so i'm asking you to just like stick with it for a little while. a lot of people arent familiar with lambchop, the band. first i send them here.they normally ignore that and to punish them, i then say this:
so it's like a very warm day. not quite baking hot but verrrrry warm. you're somewhere real nice, with a view or something. lying down on the grass. the grass is a little itchy. your inner thermostat is about to kick on the a/c and is gearing up to start you off sweating. it's that kind of warm. you're feeling pretty warm. the sweat, it's kind of gross but there it is. one giant bead gathers strength and rolls down your back. it is at that very moment that the subtlest, gentlest breeze makes its way to you. it moves the grass a bit so the itch goes away. it sweeps over all your little new sweatletts and cools you right off. this situation is lambchop's music. 
no zoom necessary

the lyrics are generally fairly bizarre, leaning towards unnerving, but the music itself is so goddamned beautiful it's hard to even care how depressing the lyrics may be. they've wrapped up cynicism in the cuddliest blanket ever. then they sewed a pocket on it for your remote control. so yeah i am a poncey arse, but their music is good.

what else is good is having totally forgotten that you booked second-row seats so when you arrive and she says 'all the way up front' you look at razberet and think 'score!' then you get there and are fairly spellbound when you discover there are about ten feet betwixt you and kurt wagner. they have this guy. he is pretty new. he plays (amongst many other things) three different kind of shaky things, several bell options, a bassoon, an oboe, a clarinet, a flute, a saxomophone, a random guitar that he never played like a guitar and one of those things that has like a keyboard on it but you blow it. i have no idea what to call it.

they were rounded out by a lovely group of pianist, bassist, drummer, keyboard/guitarist and of course, jerky kurt, replete with his co op hat. that's him in the light suit up there in the blurry picture.

quick notes: we saw it at cadogan hall, i had a tartlet (see above), we went for a pint afterwards at the clyde and this guy, who definitely seemed at least a little bit drunk, asked where tom delaney was like 10 times. they were supposed to meet at 'a pub'. we asked if it was this pub. he said no. we really didnt know what to say after that. i  hope he found what he was looking for.

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