18 November 2012

gimme two tickets to paradise

i can now count myself amongst what is (hopefully) a select few people who have seen the two worst musicals in the history of time. the first, an also select few will remember, was this bob dylan atrocity.

the second is Loserville. my disappointment in all things related to this show lead me to NOT EVEN LINK TO IT. this is like the blogging equivalent of a boycott or sit in or some other non-violent and rarely effective form of protest. once again i am forced to ask how this ever got further than something the playwright handed to a mate and said 'hey what do you think of this?', which the mate then, for the benefit of mankind, just threw away.

the redeeming factor of the night was eating at gabys. go there. eat everything. it's right near leicester square tube. don't go see loserville afterwards.

the rest of the week was rather less eventful till friday, when o'shea and i went out for some korean yummies and then met razberet to see ruby sparks. this was OK. nick urata of devotchka -- we all know how much i love devotchka so i'll spare you the, 'omg devotchka are SO GOOD and they are also SO GOOD LIVE I MEAN IT.' speech -- did the music, which you may also remember was the case for related-by-directors movie, little miss sunshine. i'd say LMS was a better movie, but this was pretty interesting. of course, ruby was a little too zooey deschanel my-only-personality-trait-at-all-is-quirky so i grew weary of that early on, still i enjoyed it and in comparison to the similarly plotted stranger than fiction, i thought they were pretty creative with the concept.

and now, pictures of korean food and regent street christmas lights.

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