05 November 2012

I'm living in a kind of daydream

whether or not we are aware of it, every person in Britain is on a quest for the best sunday pub every single time we leave the house. what do we secretly eye up in every public house we visit? a brief curriculum, in order of importance to me:  fireplace, cozy atmosphere, the ability to rock up at any time and not have to wait/find they are out of lamb or cauliflower cheese, decent if not excellent tunes, comfiness (see also cozy atmosphere), decent prices. 

it was with no fanfare and mostly shock actually that we found such a place yesterday. at the risk of ruining it by telling my thousands of loyal fans, it's called the grosvenor

as you can see from the excessive amount of pictures i took, it was damned near perfect. fireplace (which we were able to sit near cause it wasn't that crowded), charming line of books by the window, bitchin bloody marys, <£10 roasts of all varieties, all of which were of a very satisfying standard, banoffee pie and chocolate pudding with cream and custard (warm, natch), respectively, talking heads and sam cooke on the rotation, and the occasional patron tickling the in-house ivories, treating us to 'the very thought of you', 'danny boy', 'smile' and various other pleasant-sounding sunday afternoon songs.

All this came after getting home completely shattered on friday at around 11pm after a seemingly endless train ride from manchester. i finally completed reading this book. it was OK. i worry about anyone who takes it too seriously although the upbeat tone of most of it sort of warns you not to. but then again, as we here at bor are so fond of saying, 'people are stupid'.

Do you watch 'homeland'? up until recently i felt like one of four people in the tv- or computer-owning world who did not. well, see ya, suckers one, two and three, i finally started on season one. here are my very not-at-all-superficial thoughts. claire danes is thin and looks really good in all her outfits. she also has pretty hair. mandy patankin is rad, but not as rad as he was back in the day. i enjoy staying in bed watching consecutive episodes till roughly 2pm.

after doing some serious self-directed reverse psychology to get myself out of bed, i went to the gym and came home to make my annual parkin. i used a delia smith recipe, and it turned out ok. you can see here on exhibit A that the bake wasnt quite right, but it tastes good and while paul hollywood would probs find all sorts of issues with it, i think mary berry would gladly sit down and have a slice with a cup of tea. i might actually have a chance at 'delightful flavour'.

then i ran off to a party - a bonfire party!!! - to have a few beers and a lot of sausages. the bonfire was sort closer to a smoke machine, and most of what i wore that night still smells pleasantly of fire. so when i got home, i smelled of fire and the house smelled of gingerbread. score!

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