01 November 2012

you'll be waiting...

The bor newsroom is going on assignment to in Manchester. Most of why we are there here is work-related, but some of it, like seeing beach house at the ritz tonight last night, having dinner (northern for lunch) at stock tomorrow today, going to an undisclosed location for drinks/actual dinner tomorrow tonight and of course lunch and drinks on Friday, along with this part, where I write a blog on a train like a truly huge loser (I think the only step down from here is to actually walk up and down the carriages taking down each one’s number for my list), is not.

Mad updates from the gig, meals, drinks, people calling me ‘pet’, and probably a sausage roll here and there, on tap for the coming days. Stay tuned. Or go read something worthwhile

Please note: I have not sold out to the man. Due to lack of connection on this train, I have composed this post for you on a virgin train to Glasgow (which I will be disembarking at warrington quay). So ms word has done all the capping for me.

UPDATE: in ultimate combination of work/pleasure, i actually had a 40-minute phone call with the developers in california last night after the gig
he: hi sara, how are you? where are you now? (we'd had several calls that got cut off on the train ride up)
i (sheepishly): ummmm, outside a bar in manchester

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