26 April 2006

williamsburgh borders building

so those of you who would give a damn probably already know that they're turning the soon-to-be-formerly-the-tallest-building-in-brooklyn into residences, but it seems (according to g'mist) borders bookstore will be moving into the ground floor. where the bank is. so there will no longer be a bank there. in the williamsburgh savings bank building. cool.

this is a good time to complain about all those buildings going up on fourth avenue that now block my view (from the gym, at least) of the empire state and chrysler buildings. thanks, guys! pick two of the nicest things i can see from the gym (thankfully distracting me from the sweaty dude in front of me or that super thin girl over there) and, i don't know, build some fucking ugly ass buildings blocking my view of them. you're the best! when's that nets stuff happening? i'm so ready for that!

further, what the hell is coming in on the corner of 5th and 14th? it looks like a bloody hotel or something. and who decided to paint it that weird yellow color? i still wanna go in there and see what the apts are all about. and something tells me that retail space is already affianced to a chain store. frankly, i'd rather have dee & dee back. it sure as shit ain't gonna be another bar, which is really the only useful thing they could put there.

and speaking of chain stores, the former salvation army, which is currently a giant hole surrounded by plywood and ads for someone's new album, is rumored to eventually become a gap kids. at which point i will move out of new york. it's all been downhill since my local hardware store closed and re-opened as the world's shittiest bagel retailer. god, those things are awful.

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