11 April 2006

brimful of asha at carnegie hall

yeah, bitches. remember that song? i love it. a lot of people hate it. but what's even more exciting is that the aforementioned asha played carnegie hall on saturday night and the aforementioned (or not) wild cherry sara was there for all the sari slapping excitement.

kronos quartet came out first and played some stuff, including a cover of sigur ros's
Flugufrelsarinn, which, clearly, was wicked awesome. i love carnegie hall, except i always sit in the cheap seats and these tend to make me feel a little woozy. they are so freaking high up. i spent a great deal of the intermission wondering how the hell they change some of the lightbulbs before deciding the bulbs must be able to descend and they come all the way down to the floor and people change them that way. anyway, eventually a mad tablaist and bitchin' pipa player made their ways on to the stage and they all jammed. after the intermission asha came out. this woman is 73 years old and she is an ass kickin' singer. her voice is amazing. it was fantastic.

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