03 April 2006

coder barbie?

slashdot ran me into this article about mattel's computers running a linux os

special quote for you:

Still, Mattel says it is confident of the potential of BarbieOS 1.0 to find a niche market of young girls under thirteen who are dissatisfied with
current Microsoft offerings and are looking toward maybe asking mom and dad for a full-powered Linux laptop running BarbieOS this Christmas.

cause, you know, there are TONS of thirteen year old girls who've just HAD IT UP TO HERE! with microsoft.


Many of the girls we talked to said that they were tired of constantly patching their Windows systems against the latest Outlook worm, only to find that the patch breaks one of their custom applications or reduces the performance and stability of the operating system," according to usability consultant Randolph Hanes, an interface expert who conducted major portions of the research.

these are thirteen year old girls we're talking about here. GO OUTSIDE! even to the mall. you see? i'm even happy if you'll just go to the MALL now.

He said many girls are also complaining of getting stuck on the Microsoft upgrade treadmill, and expressed little interest in upgrading to the latest versions of Microsoft Windows and the Office productivity suite until they come bundled with a new computer system. The girls cited prohibitively high costs ($400 for Office, $300 for Windows XP) and a lack of interesting features as reasons they were holding off on upgrading.

ok, my head is definitely going to explode.

barbie, leading the charge for young girls to become computer hacking geeks.

Barbie would also be tired of Microsoft's licensing bullshit," he added.


seriously, you should read this thing.

uuhhhpdate. yeah, note the dateline on this here story. good old april fool's. thank god. i finally noticed that all the stories on slashdot were REALLY FUCKING WEIRD. but i didn't notice the dates on them. whoops!

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