19 April 2006

if he didn't, he'd be dead

west river and i had some subway sandwiches for lunch. mainly because i had to go to the post office and send my passport off to be lost in the abyss of beaurocrats in the indian consulate and some asshole threw away my lunch that was in the fridge at work.

we were discussing how quizno's came out of nowhere and hijacked the mediocre sandwich market and how now subway toasts their sarnies and how lame that is. and then i remembered rathergood. joel veitch is this fucked up englishman who makes
weird videos with--i don't even know--photos and stop-animation and stuff. anyway, there was this little video with these horribly freakish creatures singing about how they love the moon and quizno's took it and made them love the subs. ("they have a pepper bar")

so i was just there again, and there is a ton of new stuff since the last time i was there.
check it out.

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