24 April 2006


remember how fucking nice it was last thursday? thanks to bonnaroo's birthday party, i got to spend it hanging out on the roofdeck of the delancey sipping frosty, albeit overpriced, beers.

xx met me at the office and we walked downtown, where we hijacked jensenator from work and met up with shwags for some nicky's sarnies. cheap and cheerful, highly recommended.

coach dodgeball brought many many many many cupcakes from a bakery near the magician.

it was yet another night where i thought "i'll head home kind of early" but when xx had to leave to go meet a friend who was in town, i stayed. and when everyone decided to head to the backroom later, i went with them.

the backroom is pretty fun. they don't let you just walk right into the back backroom. they stop you. and three bouncer guys emerge from nowhere to make sure you comply when the waitress gets all up in your shit and says "no one's allowed back there".

this joint serves its cocktails in teacups and i heard rumor that the beers came in paper bags. my beer -- by the by, $6 for a goddamn bud light is pretty fucking ballsy -- did not come in a paper bag. this presented a conundrum: would i rather have the fairly cheesy novelty of drinking a beer from a paper bag in a bar instead of on the subway? or have the sound knowledge that this bar is not being excessively wasteful in serving all its beers in paper bags? then i thought "shut the fuck up and enjoy your massively overpriced bud light".

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