28 April 2006

feeble attempt at a movie review in which i say very little of substance

last night the chromosomes and i watched "Happy Endings". it was part of our "super uplifting netflix bonanza", which included "monster" and "hotel rwanda".

xx asked what the movie was about and i told her it's "one of those movies where everyone talks a lot and there's lots of little stories that all come together". at least, that's what i'd assumed from the trailer. i'm not entirely sure what made me put it on the queue, aside from i like movies where people talk a lot and i have a passing acquaintance with jason ritter. turns out that dude from "bring it on" and "the west wing" is in it, along with tom arnold, lisa kudrow and maggie gyllenhaal, who is not a very good singer and has totally weird boobs. sorry, mags.

anyway, it's a pretty serious movie, when you get down to brass tacks. in the beginning it warns you that no-one dies on screen, "this is a comedy, sort of." and that's exactly what it sort of is. the whole movie is the joke, though. i was the only one who stayed up to watch what the hell happened to all these people, but i was pretty amused and satisfied with the clever little bow they tied around everything. it's far too complicated to try to explain, and it wasn't really all that good. it did, however, feature more calexico and black heart procession than probably any other movie out there...and that's worth something.

According to blogger, you can only have one "chromosome", you can't have any "boobs" and you can't live in "calexico".

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