03 April 2006

it's t shirt weather!!!

i know it's usually all gripe and groan here at bor, but today i bring you a special report: awesome spring weekends are the best ever

friday started off with drinks at the
delancey with the lion. we rocked the roofdeck action and i had a cosmo for the first time since i was in college, i think. the roofdeck is really nice, if you haven't been there, i highly recommend checking it out. nice fountainy thing and tropical plants... amazingly not that crowded, either.

we followed that up with some din din at
soy...this place is delicious, but don't bring your appetite. the portions are fantastic but much closer to snack size than dinner. appetizers recommended.

i was pretty beat and decided to head home pretty early from a party on rivington. plus xx had shown up with some buddies who'd all been at
armstrong's when a lady was hit and killed by a city bus , so they were ready to bail, too.

saturday was a nice lie in...followed by a meander with xx. my earrings were
fixed! the trees were in bloom! (pics coming.) it was totally warm! it started raining just as we got to soda! "bars are the new umbrella", xx.

i've been meaning to get to soda for a while, so it really was a perfect surprise that just as we were getting a bit weary and thirsty and the clouds were looking particularly ominous, i looked across the street and saw it. GREAT beer selection, including six point, magic hat circus, guinness, blue moon pale ale (i think), OS cider...and more. i wasn't in a beer mood and the bartender graciously made me a rum punch, which was fantastic. we sat and watched it rain. then it stopped and we walked home and i made a vat of mushroom risotto and watched
space ghost coast to coast.

sunday: the maj and i are kind of weird. we'll do things like get up and meet at 945 am the morning after that whole "spring forward" junk to go to clinton street bakery.

first, though, a tale of wcs...saturday night i set my clocks forward, including my brookstone alarm clock, which i used to think set itself but did not this past "fall back"...i woke up when my alarm went off at 742 (i set it to be sure i didn't miss meeting the maj and was too lazy to change it from my normal wake up time). so 742 on the brookstone clock, 642 on the guinness clock on my wall...of course my brain is functioning at about 15%, so it took me a bit of time to figure out what time it really was. ha. go me.

anyway, after brunch we walked back to brooklyn. then i went to meet bonnaroo at the cobble hill nysc for some pilates. we decide, gym clothes on, in FRONT OF THE PILATES STUDIO, to bag that crap and go to the
brooklyn ice cream factory for some ice cream instead.

later on, we met up with coach dodgeball and his high maintenance friend and k-fed and some of his peeps for some petanque (which i learned i could not have been mispronouncing more) at
pit stop. drinks, mussels and cheese. when i ordered a water, the french waiter, who was super nice, asked me a barage of questions:
pit stop: ice or no ice?
i: no ice
pit stop: straw or no straw?
i: uh, no straw
pit stop: lemon or lime?
i: oh, lime would be nice.

a few minutes later a glass of water with ice, a straw and a lemon showed up. now, i don't really care, but why ask all the questions? then every time i saw him he was like "mademoiselle, did you like your water?" i just giggled into my hand. that seemed to work.

sopped up the rest of the day with dinner at little bistro. everything was delicious. go eat there.

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