26 April 2006

meeting in the aisle

the maj is always running off to meetings when i call her and bitch all day long. this makes me jealous. my job requires no meetings. yesterday i sent out this email:

I've long been saying we need more meetings here in the Legal department, so now here we go.
Henceforth, every Wednesday we shall gather together in the small back conference room for a brief chat about the status list. This will ensure that it is kept up to date. This will also be a good time to discuss who is covering what and for whom. .... It will also be a good time to build our friendly bonds.
I'll see what I can do about some refreshments.
First meeting will be tomorrow, April 26 at 3pm. (Please let me know if that doesn't work for you)

and today we had that meeting. i brought a cupcake (there were only three of us), part of which ended up smeared all over the inside of my bag due to poorly constructed cupcake transportation methods. and i brought a list of things to discuss and ideas to make life better for the legal peeps.

i've long imagined meetings to be similiar to college seminar classes: i sit in the back and think rude and obnoxious thoughts and barely pay attention to what's actually going on, coming up with idiotic suggestions on the fly if someone should happen to notice that i am, in fact, in the room and might need to participate now and again.

this time, though, it turned out that i was sort of in charge of the meeting. which felt weird since my boss was there, and i was sort of telling him what to do. awk-ward! plus, i really didn't come very prepared.

conclusion: meetings suck.

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