11 April 2006

special food edition -- part 1

hey! i'm back at my own desk. what a thrill.

last thursday xx and i went to chestnut for that whole dine-in brooklyn thing. so, um, yeah. fig stuffed pork chop. wow. and then the "mid-course" of gnocchi. i didn't realize they could fry gnocchi. which leads me to ask: why doesn't everyone fry gnocchi? anyway, by the time desert came we were basically half-dead. i told the waitress to bring the cheesecake in a to go box. she did not think this was charming. however, she brought us the chocolate whatchamacalitthingy. i highly recommend you get your fat arse over to chestnut and order this thing. it's totally insane. insanely delicious.

we left the restaurant feeling utterly disgusting. as we hailed a cab to take our bloated stomachs home from carroll gardens to park slope i turned to xx and said: "you know what we've just turned into?"
xx: "what?"
i: "americans"

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