14 December 2005

it's just not that hard, people

ok, so over the last few days, i've noticed a really strange increase in people misspelling "its". more often than not, it's people using "it's" instead of "its". i know, the apostophe makes us think it's possessive, but it just isn't.

i can let it slide in regular old blogs, but today's and yesterday's gothamist were riddled with them and i just found one in bloody time out.

not only that, i nearly defaced private property last night when i walked past a banner in front of someone's house that said, "happy holidays from the [lastname]'s" from their what? their dog? it's just pluralization, a very simple concept. people are super excited about apostrophes. it's just like people saying "i" when they should say "me". all over the media they're fucking shit all up because they think it makes them seem smarter. ho ho ho!! dumbasses.

on the same street, i passed a guy with a teeny little dog. a westie or something of that size. i'm pretty sure this wasn't his dog--at least if was he didn't seem to like it too much--and as i passed him i resisted a very strong urge to just say "dump her" to him. some woman bought an annoying punting dog and is making her sad sack boyfriend walk it in 18 degree weather.

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