22 December 2005

happy strike's almost over!

Man #1: ...Shit! Why did they have to strike during the winter? Right before the holidays, no less.
Man #2: Well, the transit guys need to get paid more and they need other things that I'm not too clear about.
Man #3: Fuck 'em! I don't give a shit what their problems are! Everybody has problems, not just them! They want more money? Well, then they should have thought about that before dropping out of high school! Bunch of lazy fucking losers!
Man #4: Hey, I work for the MTA.
Man #3: Well, then: fuck you, too!
--Brooklyn Bridge


i came in today and found out that one of my crazy coworkers apparently lost his goddamned mind and walked from bay ridge. that's not funny.

i managed to stay downtown at a friend's, but since i left the bag with my work clothes at my apartment and so only had jeans and a budweiser tshirt, i'm currently wearing one of his sweaters, which is huge but extremely comfortable.

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