07 December 2005

welcome home, fuck you! love, the mta

since my return yesterday afternoon, the long arm of the mta has enveloped me and squeezed the ever-loving shit out of my remaining patience.

first, i checked my email yesterday to find this:

No diversions scheduled.

No diversions scheduled.

No diversions scheduled.

No diversions scheduled.

yeah. i go out of town, suddenly you can use the subway on the weekend. thanks. not only that but the safety reminder is:
Safety reminder of the week: Carry babies and folded strollers on the stairs.

then, last night after the show, we caught a train at union sq. the q took about 20 mintues to come (at this point it's 1230, i'd been up since seven, driven for 5 hours and stood for the past 4, so i was pretty well over it). the q is going local from canal to dekalb, though. at dekalb, an n comes through on the local track, but when we pull into pacific st...we're on the bloody express track. so then we wait for a d running local and finally i get home at like 130. not a happy camper.

then, this morning, i needed a new metrocard. i have transitchecks so i have to go to the booth, which is annoying anyway. but i get to the booth, and there's no one the fuck in it. i waited about 2 minutes before i finally realized whoever it was wouldn't show up for a while. i went to the machines. the first one wouldn't read my card. the second one didn't give out new metrocards. the third, of course, had a line. i bought my $10 shit and went to the platform only to find it insanely crowded. i was 20 minutes late for work.

it's a pleasure to be home.

run down of the trip and the iron & wine/calexico show TK.

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