20 December 2005

after midnight, we're gonna let it all hang out

so, here i am at work. a coworker's friend gave me a lift into town. most of my friends managed the day off, which i am sad about, but i don't have a ride tomorrow, so perhaps all is not lost.

what the hell is this bullshit, though? i'm not sure i could get any more annoyed with any person associated with the public transportation in this town. the union guys are being pretty freaking greedy, and they are inflicting serious damage on the city's economy, which will only end up hurting them in the long run.

here's about the only quote i can stomach right now:
Michael T. O'Brien, the president of the Transport Workers Union of America, Local 100's parent union, warned the board that he could not support a strike because he believed the authority's most recent offer represented real progress


Pete said...

I can only imagine how these people are going to be treated when/if they finally come back to work...

wild cherry sara said...

i know how i'm gonna treat them, rocks!!!
they really haven't won any sympathy from anyone i know. toussaint is a fuckhead.

JPG said...

You, my dear, are out of your mind. You called them pussies last week for not striking to give you a day off from your comparatively cushy if boring job, and now that they do strike you call them greedy? Good on them for taking their only option when being abused by the powers that be who have made it illegal for them to do anything but accept the scraps they're given.

wild cherry sara said...

communist. :)
anyway, i called them pussies because they bluffed. and they shouldn't have threatened to strike in the first place, toussaint just wants to show what a hard ass he is. there is a fair amount of strife within the union and he's trying to be a hero. the mta would've come around eventually. teachers were without a contract for three years before things got worked out; the twu didn't even give them a few days.
as eveyone knows, i'm no fan of the mta, and i agree with some of the union's demands, but they are punishing the people who pay their salaries and who have no control over what happens anyway. you think if i write a letter to bloomberg saying "give them what they want" he'll do it? no! they've kidnapped the city and are holding it for ransom and that's fucking lame.
what they've done to this city is plain selfish. how many other, hardworking middle class people are losing a day's wages because they can't get to work? what did they have to do with anything?
the union isn't winning any friends by making everyone's life in this city a living hell. no one forces people to work in the subway. and they get better pay and benefits than i do in my cushy, if boring, job.