01 December 2005

did anyone know there is a song about an italian christmas donkey?

an italian. christmas. donkey. he's from brook-a-lyn. the italian christmas donkey. the italian christmas donkey. say it to yourself, savour the words. stop the tears from streaming down your face. what's worse, someone actually played this song this morning on mix 102.7 (yes, i listen to garbage when i'm in the shower). and do you people out there want to know how much i bloody love you all? here is a link to an audio clip, cause i'm not having this stuck in my head alone.

and now, the recap from last night:
went to joemca's show at cake shop . it was a party for sentimentalist magazine, some other bands were there, too. Moto:Rosa were on when i got there, they seemed OK, although the sound and heat at cake shop makes me wonder if what i heard is anything like what they actually sound like. it was freaking roasting in there, and pretty crowded. not exactly the smartest set up, either. it's on a pretty steep incline and the "stage" (read: painted rectangle) is probably three feet lower than the back of the room, so pretty much no one can see anything. the sound was god awful. i could barely hear the lead vocals and heard little else but the bass and the drums. i hope they return to playing merc. constantly soon, i like it way better.

i didn't stay for hopewell, because i was tired and i wanted to get home. i stopped by a friend's on the way, and saw some of his new art. he has a piece that's a buddha painted on what i think is a motherboard (but what the fuck do i know?) and it was called, "divination in zeroes and ones". it's pretty hot.

and when i got into the subway, the train pulled in right away and whisked me back to my borough of choice. and it was awesome.

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