07 December 2005

thank you, UPS, for reminding me why i started blogging

there's a calendar in the mailroom which was generously bestowed upon us by UPS, a company we rarely use, as we are apparently maniacally and cultishly devoted to federal express.

december says: 'let's turn "it can't be done" into "when do you want it?"'

i'm pretty sure whatever it is, unless it's a human organ, it's not that big of a fucking deal. you know what? i think we should be saying "it can't be done" a little more often.

"can you email this guy and ask him a question for me?"
"it can't be done"

"can you fax this somewhere?"
"it can't be done"

if ups doesn't deliver on saturdays, no one has to go to work saturday because the thing might come in and we should do something with it.

let's turn "sure, no problem, i'll collate that and reorganize your budget even though someone else fucked it all up" into "go fuck yourself".

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