12 December 2005

ghost of weekends past

friday i went to see my friend jeremy in a play. it was a version of 'a christmas carol'. he played bob cratchet (sp?) and a couple other characters. he was fantastic. especially when he started giggling at his own comic brilliance. i am often giggling at my own comic brilliance, so i know how it is. anyway, tiny tim is a monkey puppet, so you should go see it. here's the official plug:
Nosedive Productions Presents"A Very Nosedive Christmas Carol"
The Kraine Theatre, 85 East 4th Street
December 8-10, 15-17, Thursday through Saturday
All shows are at 8 p.m., tickets are $15. Eggnog will be served.
Reservations: (212) 696-7342.

saturday was the maj deegan's insane holiday party. i brought the cardamom cookies and the sweet potata' pie, she made (literally) 12 other goodies. including egg nog, which is extremely effective at getting me wasted in a very short period of time.

sunday maj, xx roommate and i went to see the nose, for which joemca did the sound design. i'd tell you all to see this one, too, but it's over now. it was a neato little puppet show at theater for the new city. joemca's sound was awesome, per usual. he's promised to make me a cd of all the beats he threw together for it.

on the way home xy roommate met up with me and xx roommate and we bought our winter solstice tree. xx and i were discussing how it wasn't as fun as last year, when the two of us dragged the tree 7 blocks home laughing our asses off because we could barely hold it up. xy just popped the thing up over his head and walked it back home. the whole ordeal was far easier this year.

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