20 December 2005

too trivial for me

my neighbor is the quizmaster for last exit's quiz night, and last night was my second attempt to dig the depths of my brain for all the pointless information i've been hiding there for the last 20 years or so in order to win some cash.

but last night, there were questions i don't even want to know the answer to, one of which was: name the first nancy drew or hardy boys book. another was: what was the name of roscoe p. coltrain's dog on the dukes of hazzard. this is the kind of information you should be shunned for knowing. although xy roommate couldn't figure out how i knew amf is associated with bowling, and it think he should be shunned for not knowing that.

in the end, we put on a fairly good show, but boy do we suck at european geography.

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