31 August 2005

some people might actually plan a trip like this

it seems that because the situation inside the dank and sweltering Superdome was becoming desperate: The water was rising, the air conditioning was out, toilets were broken, and tempers were rising.
(not impressed with the repetition of rising there.) the Governor of LA wants everyone evactuated. so they're taking them to the birthplace of the most revolting and despicable substance on earth (which NYC Parks seems to think is a reasonable alternative for real grass on its soccer pitches and baseball fields and it is NOT), the astrodome. apparently no one has done anything in the astrodome in "years", so it's probably pretty dusty in there. and i'll bet the beer is all flat. hopefully the Air Con works there, though...ugh stuck in the superdome with humidity and thousands of people and backed up toilets. not too pleasant.

anyway, they're bussing the refugeese over in shifts, so get ready for the tailgate party.

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