29 August 2005

$3.50?? when did that happen

so i got the sunday times this weekend, and actually read most of it. they seemed to be a little preoccupied with cougars and other wild animals.

it seems a bunch of whiney dot com bazillionaires in northern california are shitting themselves because there are mountan lions roaming around their 100+ acre estates. One woman won't let her children go to the pool alone anymore. i hate to break it to you, lady, but you shouldn't ever let your kids go to the pool alone. i'm no statistician (nor am i sure if i spelled that right), but i'm pretty f-ing sure that your kids have a much higher chance of drowning in your pool than being eaten by a mountain lion. one dude wants to shoot it and is trying his best to rile up the neighborhood. i'm not entirely sure i'd want to live with a mountain lion super close by, but if i did, am sure that i wouldn't be running around trying to convince everyone to kill them. it seems to me that a) they can just realize that the chances are pretty slim that anything's gonna happen to them, it's not like these guys are out for human blood, they probably want less to do with those bozos than said bozos want to do with them, so everyone should just calm down and 2) aforementioned bozos can move somewhere else, like detroit, which is far safer.
It's a beautiful animal, but mountain lions don't belong in our neighborhood
maybe your neighborhood doesn't belong in their neighborhood. shut up and go spend all your money.
they're all annoyed because they're not allowed to kill the mountain lions. something tells me there will be an "attack" (surely unprovoked and upon an innocent child, just to make the point), and then it'll be open season on the cougars. sigh.
Mr. Thomas's tools include a 10-million-candlepower spotlight that can illuminate his backyard like a Wal-Mart parking lot; a military-issue device that amplifies sound by a factor of 10; and a half-dozen Gen 3 Night Vision Scopes, which would outline a cougar in green if he ever spotted one.
i think this guy belongs in montana somewhere...

then there's the article about the grizzly man man and tanzanian lions going on a rampage and people aren't sure what to do about it. tough call if they're actually being violent and mauling people, and in tanzania the lions are kind of spilling out of a national park, so maybe there needs to be some population control.

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daya said...

i think i need to take issue with your mountain lion rant! they're actually really dangerous and do attack people completely unprovoked. there's been a bunch of attacks in the l.a. mountains - especially mountain bikers and runners - apparently you look more like prey if you're moving quickly. not that i agree with the stupid measures it sounds like these folks are taking. and yes, far more likely that a kid will drown than be attacked ... but there really is reason for concern!