29 August 2005

i'm not making the katrina and the waves joke

you can tell something's up when the Times' home page has a different layout. they're serious, people, pay attention. anyway, New Orleans is apparently getting a bit of an ass-kicking and the superdome is leaking, proving somewhat inconvenient for all the new orleansers (?) seeking refuge amongst its yardlines. i hope they're giving them a break on the beer prices.
''We're seen strokes, chest pain, diabetes patients passing out, seizures, people without medicine, people with the wrong medicine. It's been busy.''
(I love finding typos in the Times. it makes me feel superior.)
it sounds a little hairy, though. people aren't allowed on the field because of the possibilty of flooding...but some folks across town and the Ritz are getting popcorn and movies!!
it looks like the eye is just over the area now. biloxi's not looking so hot at the moment. and some asshole rat bastards are apparently price gouging. that's really super.


tampson said...

New Orleaneans maybe?

Benson said...

I hope those pretty houses in the Quarter aren't too f--ked up by this thing--what a shame.