29 August 2005

one night in williamsburg makes a hard man humble

Before i get to the point, i'd like to congratulate myself and all my friends who participated in running up a $180+ tab at the gowanus yacht club on friday night. everyone loves drinking for 8 hours!! in case you're wondering, it's meant to be open until Halloween. And according to Go Brooklyn, Duff is Bud. i couldn't find anything about that charity rumour.

I went to a benefit for the ny neo-futurists last night at galapagos (a fine place to have a benefit). for once the mta's musical trains worked in my favor, whisking me from south to north brooklyn in a mere 25 minutes. the performances were very funny, and i finally saw someone -- three someones in tutus to be exact -- jump into the reflecting pool. that pretty much made it worthwhile right there. we waddled over to capone's, which, despite not being close enough to my house, is one of the awesomest places in the world. super chill, solid beer selection (although my weisse was a little flat), free pizzas with every beer (perhaps even slightly excessive on that one--can i trade a pizza for a free beer instead?), beautiful old style decor, and a gigantic projection screen on which fox's sunday night telly was being shown. if this place were in my neighborhood, i'd be a fat alcoholic in about two weeks. this ups the number of places i like in williamsburg to four.

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