26 August 2005

[sic] [sic] [sic] [sic]

So my roommate just came back from China and she brought some dvd's with her, one of which has this wonderfully absurd description:
The New Year's Day starts, 32-year old cloth unusual feel the confidence by oneself living finally of the time arrived at! The comes to of she keeps diary to start in to rise from everyday. Now, read that origin put in bedside of herself the diary that write cloth the unusual life inside stimulates most, the most beautiful and wonderful also let most her feel the excited matter! Because this among them are all her risky with try, is a standpoint to come from her to nearby problem, still has her to experiences personally to the man, to the food and to the sexual reality. In fine, a diary make her start an all new life.
It's for Bridget Jones's Diary...

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