31 August 2005

ok, that's it. no more government for Lousiana

until someone can figure out how to get them to stop hyperbolizing.
"I can only imagine that this is what Hiroshima looked like 60 years ago," said the state's governor, Haley Barbour, after viewing the destruction from the air.
goddamnit, a hurricane and an ATOMIC FUCKING BOMB are not the same!!! no one evacuated the people of Hiroshima before we dropped the bomb, and people are not going to get radiation poisoning from flooding. just malaria. surely this is a tragic and horrible event, getting worse by the second, but it's pretty fucking obnoxious to compare it to things that killed tens of thousands of people without warning, many of whom had no money to begin with and were living subsistance lifestyles. doubtless the cost of this hurricane will come close to if not surpass the damage done by the tsunami, because the people who got fucked by the tsunami didn't have squat to begin with.


HistoryBuff said...

Perhaps you should do a bit of research regarding the dropping of the Atomic Bomb, there were leaflets dropped all over Japan warning that the US would bomb them... No one took it seriously.

That being neither here nor there, for people in Nola and surrounding areas this IS thier tsunami, it's THEIR Hiroshima. How about a little sympathy for those who have it worse than you and a little less bitching about semantics, k?

Romeo Jensen said...

ummm... dont know about that above comment ^^^ but I get your point... enough is enough