15 December 2012

they deftly manouver and muscle for rank

despite royal mail having told us all that things were gonna be amazingly simple when it came to receiving packages this year, i still ended up queuing (twice) at the southwark post office distribution plant or whatever they call it these days. you can see here, in this picture i so lamely took, that this was a pretty hefty line. i mean we were out the door and around the corner. anyway, this is what i did last saturday. it took up a substantial part of the day.
what a black & white will look like

monday, beep visited from new york and brought me a black & white. for those of you who have been deprived of the experience of black & whites, they are large, very cakey cookies that are iced with half chocolate icing and half utter pointlessness. The chocolate icing, you'll notice, will cling to whatever style of wrapper your black & white comes encased in. cling film, a plastic packet, whatever it is, the chocolate, in all its chocolate glory, announces its gooey nature by drawing the plastic to it like a moth to a flame. meanwhile, the white icing has the reverse effect. plastic can't be paid to stick to this hardened version of tasteless toothpaste. this is all by way of saying, when you buy someone a black & white, that person will always eat it exactly this way:
  1. break off tiny piece of white side - this is to make sure that yes, it does taste like nothing useful at all
  2. eat most of the chocolate side, relishing every bite
  3. eat another bite of white side. still sucks
  4. eat the remainder of chocolate side, bar one bite
  5. break off a chunk of the white side. peel the icing off and eat the cake
  6. eat your last piece of chocolate
  7. look at the remaining disappointment
  8. 20 minute later, peel off the rest of the white icing, eat cake
  9. wonder why they even bother with the white side

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