10 December 2012

not a chill to the winter but a nip to the air

amongst my many cultural endeavours of late are nsfw at the royal court in sloan square, followed by a long period of time wandering around whole foods in kensington acting like going to a grocery store is an actual activity for a saturday night rather than just something you do when you need milk.

nsfw was pretty good. we all found ourselves vaguely shocked to discover that julian barratt is quite hot in real life. i won't get into the plot but it was a pretty weak swipe at sexism and gender equality and 'are women doing it to themselves'-ness. it was good but it was almost so superficial there wasn't much point in bringing it up. like saying, 'those poor people, eh?' then going for ice cream.

speaking of cream! we bought some of whole foods' very, very good pumpkin pie and a cup full of fresh cream. it was, as you might expect, lush. i bought a whole bunch of other random shit, including gefilte fish, which never ceases to make whoever i am shopping with (unless it's a select few people) relatively uncomfortable.

artsy fartsy king's cross picture
anyway i also went to see talvin singh and some lady who seriously kicks ass at percussion play a live score to a movie at Kings Place. i've done this sort of thing before, so i know it's a bit of a crap shoot. it was pretty cool, though. not least because the film itself was shot in new york in like the god-knows-whenties. they went to coney island when luna park and the steeplechase were still around. those of you who care will know what that means.

then we went to the grosvenor and had a lovely roast and a relaxing evening and it was lovely and i was happy. i am in love with a pub. like truly in love. with a pub. although i don't know if i'd get the lamb again.

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