30 October 2012

making a lake of the east river and hudson

I've been seeing some insanely freaky pictures from the news and various facebook updates. this whole sandy thing might just be getting out of hand. I'm sure no one is thrilled about seeing what really lies in the depths of the Gowanus Canal, let alone having it float by their front door. Anyway, after seeing the ConEd explosion via Gawker this morning, I am now officially freaked out and it's more than a little bit odd that it's bright and blue and sunny (for once) here in London. Of course, it still gets dark at like 2.15pm.

in related news, gawker is knocked out, which is having a profound impact on how i receive information about celebrities i can't stand. anyhoo. big love to all those in the five boroughs and around. stay dry, stay safe, stay away from that oil-and-toxic-waste-soaked body that has been dislodged from its cement block in the Gowanus and is floating by you. 

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