21 February 2013

oh when you're cold, ill be there

ugh, SARA, what else is going on? it's not like we're content with some bullshit about how fancy you are cause you puked four times in a northeastern english train station. like you think that's interesting? well it's not. it's boring and i have a mind to stop reading this shit altogether if you dont come up with something better.

something like, say, pictures from London's brand-new (for-the-time-being) tallest building in Europe?


who likes instagram!?! razberet totally gave me a trip up the shiznard for christmakah so we went a few weeks ago. on opening weekend. cause we are fucking trendsetters.

Trend. setters. first we went for brunch at the drift. it's a little chain that's got some of the twee-est decor ever but i love it despite my generally grumpy-arse self.

we had some decision-making issues so ordered (and shared) a sausage sandwich, eggs florentine and some bubble and squeak with a poached egg on top. it was faaaaabulous. i might. even. have. a -- oh here it is. there you can see the sandwich and the eggs and the B&S (really good).
as i said, this place is part of a small chain. i've been to the folly near bank and had some fabulous scotch eggs and mac n cheese, and the refinery, which does lovely cocktails and occasionally sort of has bocce. it's a decent little chain. if you find yourself near one, it's worth popping in.

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