20 February 2013

I'm not about to blow [chunks] now

my god where to begin. a month's absence! it might be hard to believe but there are actual people on this green earth who are upset with me. so here i am. back in black. return of the mack. the terminator only nice this time.

following the last post, i went to harrogate for a lovely weekend with the mayoduck family. we went on walks, we sat by the fire, we had pie and lamb for tea, we had hearty breakfasts, we watched it snow, we played with the baby. then we got norovius while on the way to the Yorkshire Dales.

what is fun? well, this much i do know. spending almost two hours freezing in Leeds train station while trying not to retch is not fun. eventually going in to the toilet and staying there because 1. it is warmer and 2. that was your last 30p and in this state of vomergency, i needed to be near a toilet more than i needed anything else. once on the train, i imagine i looked remarkably like a junkie. not many people sit on a 2.5-hour train journey with their gloves, coat, hood, hat and scarf on the whole way, while also shivering constantly.

getting home that night was the best thing that ever happened to me.

i'm sure a few other things have happened, but we'll get to that. the focus now is on the fact that last night razberet and i totally saw dave grohl and a bunch of other mental musicians at the forum. it was amazing, although it was VERY LOUD. i still can't really hear anything. of all the things i figured i'd get to see in my life, most of nirvana playing back up for renditions of 'jessie's girl' and 'i want you to want me' was really not on the list. but wonders, they say, never cease.

speaking of wonders -- did you ALSO know that one of the lines in 'Jessie's girl' is "but the point is probably moot". who the shit is saying 'moot' in songs?!!!?! rick springfield, motherfuckers. that's who.

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