22 March 2007

from the floorboards to the flys, here i was fated to reside

the maj took me to see "the pirate queen" last night. i was already disappointed that the play was not, in fact, based on some long-lost decemberists song, it also turned out to be the shittiest thing i've seen in a long fucking time. and yes, i remember the times they are a-changin' debacle.

the lyrics were completely naff. they were not clever, they barely even rhymed. the queen elizabeth character made and off-the-cuff beheading joke. there was a pot shot at wales, and a song called "boys'll be boys", that came with a reprise.

i swear to god i was holding in roaring laughter the entire first act. i didn't have to worry about the second act because i left at intermission. all i have to say is this: if someone tries to get you to see this musical, break your own leg to avoid it.

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