14 February 2007

you might laugh you might frown

wow. it's weird to be back. we've had some ups and downs around here lately; and a lot of blogger just sucking on the relatively few occasions when i actually did want to say something. here's a slight re-cap of the past 2 months.

panama was awesome. the canal is really an amazing feat. i got a tan. and a panama hat.

i quit the suck job. i started the no-suck-but-part-time-so-what-do-i-do-for-cash-now?-job. today is second to last day at suck, inc. i suppose i better find something to do with the second halves of my days. considering whole foods, the apple store or a movie theatre. i don't have any real aspirations, people.

have, once again, undertaken listening to every song i own. this has already gone to shit as i've got quite a bit of new music lately that i refuse to put on the 'pod for fear of wrecking my songs listened-to so far. first i tried doing it in order of album, but then i went for shuffle songs. today i got "pale blue eyes" and "africa" in a row. still, it's such sheer joy when a long-forgotten song (like this blog) pops up out of no where and reminds you of that crush or the time you whistled along down the street and the bloke following you actually slowed down because you were freaking him out or how at one point some song was super important and that you still remember every chord change, backbeat and modulation even though you haven't heard it in ages, or that jesus christ, spiritualized are an amazing fucking band. also fun: drinking a six pack at home when your roommates aren't around and playing with your itunes and macbook remote control--very good indeed. i'm too lazy to find shit for you these days, so go find boy least likely to's "be gentle with me" and wait for spring.

went to the ATL to see carson's wee bairn who is very cute and was my first spit-up experience. i handled it rather well, if i do say so myself.

went out for drinks with Mary Land on the UES a month or so ago and was so hammered i ended up getting in the front seat of the cab (not initially, mind you, at a stop light around 38th street) and telling the driver about all the bangladeshis i met in india. he asked me out for a drink after this mad ramble, i declined. he has yet to stalk my house.

got name checked on stephen merchant's absolutely fantastic radio programme on bbc radio's 6 music. highly recommend you check this out.

made a mosaic, haven't grouted it, it's been 2 months.

have actively decided to get into PG Wodehouse.

so, on to the future. tomorrow, i finish out my time here (there is a slight chance i'll continue part time when i return from my sojourn) and get on a plane with xx to italy. first we'll be scooting from heathrow to stanstead with a short stop for lunch with roper and a visit to the neighborhood in which i used to work. then we'll fly to pisa. the plan is pisa, cinque terre, florence and rome. mostly i'm concerned with food and boat rides in cinque terre, but people keep telling me some bullshit about art everywhere and oh, it's so amazing. we'll see about that. then we return to london, xx heads back stateside and i hang out for three days of old friends and large and more alcoholic pints, and hopefully, Hot Fuzz. and a lot of staring at the thames and sighing wistfully.

and now, per usual, a link that is entirely unrelated to anything i've just said, courtesy of VP
it's just like a mini-mall.

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