24 August 2006

is it just me?

or is the nytimes.com front page every conservative republican's worst nightmare?

yesterday on the subway i finally saw something that inspired me enough to fill in my username and password on blogger and get this party started again. at least for today.

these two guys were sitting next to me and being generally annoying and loud. each listening to headphones and so talking over their own soundtracks. they took pictures of women as they got off the train with their cameraphones, which is just bizarre behaviour in my book. but then i looked over and noticed in one guy's armpit -- brace yourselves here -- was something that really really can only be described as a cocoon-like ball hanging in his pit tresses. talk about naseous. repulsive. of course then i couldn't stop staring at it. gross.

ps - the day my skillz go beyond screenshots and ms paint is the day i sell out.

1 comment:

Lester said...

Yeah! Good to have you back Wild Cherry. Are you sure you didn't take a month long trip to the future and come back with this awesomely powerful highlighter than can mark on reality?